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Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for downloading images can be found here. Otherwise below are some common questions that I receive. If none of these help then please feel free to contact me and ask.

Q: I cannot find a postcard someone sent me.
A: There are only two reasons for this:
  • the first is that the card was sent over 2 weeks ago and has since been deleted because of disk space limitations. If this has happened to you I am sorry - please let me know and I may consider increasing the time period.
  • the second is because the postcard Internet address was mis-typed into the browser. You do not need to type anything:
    • First some e-mail programs (such as Microsoft outlook) recognize Internet links in e-mail messages and enable a direct link to be made. You can click on the address in your message and a browser window will open up to display your postcard.
    • Second if your e-mail program does not do this copy and paste it into your browser: highlight the link (move the mouse to the start of the address, press the left mouse button and keep it pressed while you move the mouse to the end of the address, then let go); COPY it into the windows clipboard (press CTRL, press Insert, let go Insert, let go CTRL); open your browser and click the mouse in the address entry box, but instead of typing anything PASTE the address from the clipboard (press SHIFT, press Insert, let go Insert, let go SHIFT).


Q: Is there a way to type in morethan one address when sending a postcard?
A: Yes there is. In fact there are two ways:
  1. In the 'Enter your recipients e-mail box type in all the e-mail addresses separated by a comma.
  2. Send a card using your e-mail address. You can then forward it to all your friends (but edit the contents so that it does not look forwarded). This has the advantage of using your mail tool - if you have an address book it may save you some typing.


Q: The images I see are fuzzy - I am an AOL user.
A: AOL default settings have a terrible effect on viewing this gallery:
  • This is a quote from AOL: "The AOL caching system detects that an object is an image, it sends the image through a compression manager on the AOL system network before caching it. Compression makes images smaller for faster retrieval from the cache to members. Members can individually disable AOL graphics compression, but most choose to allow compression because it speeds up web page delivery." Also AOL state that images may be reduced to 640x480.
  • In plain English the large images in this gallery are reduced and blurred by AOL so that you can download them more quickly.
I would like you to see these images as I intend them to be seen. So please disable this feature when visiting and let patience be a virtue.


Q: The images I see are fuzzy - I am not an AOL user.
A: There are two possible reasons. First you may have downloaded a thumbnail or postcard and enlarged it to fit your screen. (Images are 640x480 or larger.) Second you may be viewing an image using 8 or 16 bit color display - images are designed to be viewed with a 24 bit color display. You may need to adjust your computer setting (for Windows go to Settings.. Control Panel, select Display: on the Settings tab the color palette should be set to "True Color (24 bit)"). Come here for a display test.


Q: I downloaded some wallpaper but it was so small /it is fuzzy you can't see the picture and the verse is invisible / hard to read.
A: The thumbnail icon or postcard image was downloaded instead of the full image. Thumbnails are 133x100 pixels and postcards are 400x300. Full images are 640x480 or larger. To download an image move the mouse over the thumbnail or postcard and click the left button once. The full image will then be downloaded to your browser. Use the browsers menu commands: File .. Save As... to save the image on your computer. For more details and some shortcuts see the instructions page. TIP: If you right-click on the image before you download and select properties, one of the items you see are the image dimensions.


Q: May I link to your site? How could I do this?
A: Yes you can and I very much appreciate this form of support. You could link using a text link or you could link with a button. Please use the following html code:

<a href="http://www.jrbell.com">
  <img src="jrbbutton.jpg" alt="John Bell's Christian Art Gallery" width=88 height=31>

You will need to download the following button (move mouse over image, use right mouse button, Save Picture As...) to the same directory as your html code and call it jrbbutton.jpg

John Bell's Christian Art Gallery

You can also display a specially chosen image of the week on your web site! Details here.


Q: May I use your images?

A: Probably. Please see my copyright terms and conditions here.


Q: Can you give me some ideas about using your images?
A: Yes - they are listed under examples on the copyright terms and conditions page here.


Q: I have one of your pictures as a wallpaper but the Windows 95 task bar hides the verse.
A: I place text appropriate to the picture first, and second with consideration of the Windows 95 task bar. Because the task bar can be at the top or bottom (or sides) of the screen, and because they can be set at different widths (1 button height, 2 button heights, etc.), and because different people use different screen sizes I can't worry about this to much. Generally (but not always) the text at the top or bottom clears a 1 button high task bar for 800x600 screen. TIP: if you right click on the task bar and select properties you can select auto-hide. You'll then see all of the picture.


Q: I tried to send a postcard and did fine until the last step.

Q (continued): I pressed preview and saw what it looked like. Then it said if you want to make changes to press the "back" arrow otherwise: --- and then nothing. I had scrolled down as far as I could but didn't see another button or any other instructions. Did I do something wrong? Or do you have to be a registered user?

A: You do not need to be registered. Sometimes pages do not completely load and this is what happened here. This can happen on any Internet page - if the network is slow the browser will 'time out' (give up) after a few minutes resulting in incomplete pages. The SEND button is at the bottom of the preview page which in this case did not appear. The solution is to use the browsers Refresh or Reload button to try again. Because you had filled in a form you will be asked if you want the form re-posted. Say yes else you will get an error message. (If refresh doesn't work see below.)


Q: I tried refresh and I still get old page information
A: Between you and my web site is something called a 'proxy server' that stores web pages temporarily. It may be sending back old pages instead of an updated page. This should never happen but in case it does change the web site address to xxx.jrbell.com where xxx is any sequence of characters. The proxy server will not recognize it and be forced to look at my web site For some reason this problem seems to happen most with AOL users.


Q: Just tried to download and cannot connect to your web site. Do not understand why.
A: Either your Internet service provider (ISP) or my server was temporarily down. It just means that you will have to try again later. Sorry.


Q: I found your work but can't find the Christian screen savers.
A: I don't offer bundled screen savers any more due to the filesizes required. However you can construct your own - do an internet search for "make your own screensaver" and see what you can find...


Q: I am having problems with the screen saver.
A: The screen savers were written for me by someone else. Sorry I can't help further.


Q: I am looking for Christian wallpaper borders for a baby's room. Any suggestions?
A: I only do digital artwork in the virtual world and know nothing about real world wallpapers. Sorry I can't help.


Q: I knew a John Bell - are you him?
A: Its possible - please look at my bio to check.


Q: How can get a job like yours?
A: This is a hobby of mine and not a job. It does not pay very well :).


Q: Did you do all these images? How did you do them?
A: Yes I did. I create them electronically on my home PC using various graphical and painting software packages. To see how I made image number 137 please come here.


Q: I don't like the translation you use.
A: The NIV is my favorite translation and is one of the most popular used. I cannot provide alternatives.


Still got a problem? Please tell me about it - it may be added to this page for the benefit of others.

All images copyright 1998- John Bell

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